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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are excellent security installation to protect your commercial or personal premises, especially your glass shopfronts during nights or unattended hours. 

We supply and install a wide range of security roller shutters, which can be manually or electrically operated, to suite commercial or industrial needs. We offer all types of roller shutters. Most popular roller shutters are:

  • Solid (offers no vision in or out, ideal for premises where security is most critical requirement)
  • Perforated (offering minimal visibility)
  • Aluminium punched (holes punched through, forming a brick-bond pattern offering better visibility in and out)

All shutters are available in all standard RAL colours, in mill-finish or powder-coated, depending on customer preference. Shutters can also be remote control operated or alternatively, key operated.

All shutters are professionally installed and tested for smooth open and close operation. We also undertake emergency service and repairs.

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Our Services

  • Shutter Design
  • Shutter Manufacturing
  • Shutter Installation
  • Shutter Service & Regular Maintenance
  • Shutter Emergency Repair
  • Shutter Removal and Refurbishing
  • Bespoke Shutter Manufacturing

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